February 10th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 11 February 2011

It seems to me that John's presence in yesterday's strip is a lead-in to his doing something stupid and useless today so that he can thwart Elly's super-awesome plan to avoid dealing with her children.

I wish; it's Elly bullshitting Mike about bedtime.

Panel 1: It's eight in the evening at the Pattermanse; as Mike holds an anachronistic remote control, Elly tells him it's bedtime and he plays the "AWWWW!!! No fair" card.

Panel 2: As he slumps upstairs, he asks why he has to go to bed the same time as Elizabeth; his reasoning is that since he's older, he should have a later bedtime.

Panel 3: Having tucked Mike in, Elly tells him "How about this? You have to be in bed at the same time lying down with the light off but you don't have to sleep." Mike, who's sort of dim, says Okay to that.

Panel 4: An hour or so later, he asks himself why he doesn't feel that he's won anything.

Summary: Isn't it disgusting that Elly can't "waste" honesty on Mike? I could buy a "I had to go to bed at 8 when I was a kid" or "You need more sleep than you think you do" or even "My house, my rules"; what I can't abide is her trying to trick him into complying with her. Check that; I also can't take whatever Lynnsight justifies trying to con her children into doing what they gotta.

Odd WMG I read about Dee

Remember how Meredith was conceived? "Whoopsie — somehow I, a licensed pharmacist, had no clue that switching birth control would leave me even more fertile during the transition! My bad!" It's not good for a pharmacist to Fail Pharmacology Forever; if she made mistakes like that with their customers... Also, consider how much the Pattersons love gossiping and criticizing others — while being horrible about taking any hint of criticism themselves. Deanna's job allowed her to be privy to a part of peoples' lives they likely wouldn't want being spread around — would you be comfortable if you learned your pharmacist was blabbing about your prescriptions? So Deanna was let go for her unprofessional behavior; rather than admit this, she pretended she quit to pursue her never-before-mentioned dream of opening a sewing school.
Hmm.  I can definitely see the gossip reason
Hey did you hear Mrs. Smith got a morning after pill isn't she married