February 7th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Let's see what the second of the Last New-Ruins is; my guess is that it's another episode in which Elly's inability to supervise her children adequately creates a mess.

Well, I'm close; it's Elly trying to get Mike to do chores because he's bored only to have him play the "later" card.

Panel 1: Dainty Doll-Boy Mike, having tied Farley's legs together, says "Okay, Farl, you are hawg-tied!!"

Panel 2: The Elly who said that she couldn't be pregnant finally materializes on the scene so she can tell Mike that she won't allow him to torment the dog and asks him what's the matter with him; his response is that he's bored.

Panel 3: Her response is to suggest cures for his boredom: cleaning his room, sweeping the garage or vacuuming the hall stairs. Rather than point out that two of them are age-inappropriate and he can't clean his room to her standards anyway, he says that he'll vacuum the stairs....

Panel 4: ....later. Old-beyond-her-years Elly's reaction is the standard angry frown.

Summary: As is mine; the reason Mike does half the shit he does is that his parents are too freaking big a deal to deal with him.
Snarky Candiru2

Coffee Talk, the week of 7 February 2011

Given that Lynn did have to create new strips after all and admitted as such, I wonder how many letters will be variations on the theme "I don't notice the difference between styles at all!"

ETA: Lynn's latest note:

A Note from Lynn: Dear folks!
One of the best things about your notes to me is - how wonderfully well you write! I keep hoping that the art of composition is not lost and every day, you prove to me that there are great wordsmiths out there... and your stories make my day! Thanks so much for writing. Lynn J.

seems not to take people like Rene from Lake Charles into account.