February 2nd, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Today's strip is one of the first in a series that reminds us that Mike doesn't like saying goodbye to people.

(Strip Number 228, Original Publication Date, 11 February 1982)

Panel 1: We start off with Carrie hugging Lizzie as she tells her goodbye and to be a good girl.

Panel 2: Will tells a somewhat downcast Mike 'bye and the next time he sees him, Mike'll whip him at checkers for sure.

Panel 3: John tells Mike to say goodbye while Carrie asks if there's no goodbye for Grandma.

Panel 4: Mike cries his heart out as he says "I hate goodbyes!!"

Summary: This, too, is fridge fodder. It's also a reminder that Mike really doesn't much like saying goodbye to people; eventually, he'll remind us that Lizzie just doesn't know how long goodbyes are.