January 20th, 2011

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I was reading Lives Behind the Lines tonight because I thought Lynn's comments about how geeks make the best husbands and you can tell by how fab they look at high school reunions were in there. Haven't found that but I did find the following description of what Grandma Marian wore on her wedding day: "...white cotton dress..." (p. 200). This does not fit either of the two gowns/dresses that, according to the strip, was what Marian wore when she and Jim tied the knot (unless you count the high-necked Victorian dress Marian was wearing in the strip in which Jim thoughtbubbled them dancing on their wedding day as a white cotton dress). *headwall* Three different dresses. Three. Why--What--GAH! Stupidity! Laziness! Makes my head hurt! Continuity, people. Very important and worth the trouble of going through previous work to confirm details, so DO IT!

I am beyond disgusted and floored by how profoundly lazy Lynn has been about details and facts for...oh, at least a decade (probably longer, but my memory's bad enough I can't remember back far enough to feel safe saying so). Her standards are nauseatingly low and I boggle at her claims (made with all seriousness) that she does research so she can portray things accurately. Taking a few pictures and asking someone a few questions does not even begin to count as having done your research. That's the first step, not the whole trip.
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Friday, 21 January 2011

Today's strip is a rather pleasant one that reminds us that once upon a time, these two people had a lot to say to one another.

(Strip Number 4121, Original Publication Date, 21 January 1982)

Panel 1: It's a pleasant evening on the beach on one of the last days of John and Elly's holiday in the sun; Elly says "What a beautiful place....and a perfect evening. Too bad we're not the only ones here."

Panel 2: As John looks out on the moonlight beach, he says "We are."

Summary: This is a sort of pleasant reminder that at one point, these two people were madly in love with one another. The sad part is that things will get back to normal soon and she'll start heaving things at him as he witlessly insults her because he thinks verbal abuse is cute.
Thanks Siddles!

What If...?

So, after the discussion about organic story lines that would just naturally come out of the strip, I came up with this lengthy scenario about what would happen if Mike and Dee had broken up and never married. I take the liberty of giving John a bit of a back story, and I also add a few new characters in the end.

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