January 3rd, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Once again, we have to deal with Lynn's odd belief that children only cry when they have an audience.

(Strip Number 4117, Original Publication Date, 5 January 1982)

Panel 1: As John and Elly walk to the departure gate, Barnacle Lizzie (who's docked with Will this time) is making a bit of a scene by yelling "HOWL!! SCREECH!! MOMMY!!"; Elly's response is to she they'll be back.

Panel 2: Will says "Come on, Elizabeth; they're gone now." in an effort to settle her down; this has the curious effect of cutting her off in mid-tantrum.

Panel 3: Will, Carrie and Mike are confused by how it is that Lizzie is all smiles.

Summary: I'm not; that's because I remember certain things about the artist. First off, she seems to believe that children only cry when they a) have an audience and b) want to make parents feel bad about doing something that they deserve to do. Why it is that Lynn thinks that children maliciously want to keep their parents miserable is something that's always baffled me; good thing that she provides notes now. That way, we'll finally get to see why that is.

ETA: The latest banner makes me think that I'm the little boy from Sixth Sense; that's because I see dead people. (Remember, Chinnuts was slated to go to that Big Switchyard In The Sky last year.)
Snarky Candiru2

Lynn Does Peru, Day Ten

I'm setting up this thread since I anticipate that Lynn will talk about the last day of her being a general helper today. The next and last installment will be about her heading up North.

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- As expected, Lynn's obsession with bathrooms takes center stage.

- Next, we have to contend with mood whiplash: "Gee-that-poor-old-lady-SHOPPING!!-YAY!!!!"

- We also have her being a patronizing, paternalistic dolt who thinks that she rates far higher than she does. My guess is that the MMI people are using her in a way she didn't intend: "See if you can do better than this ignoramus!!"