December 17th, 2010

Angry Candiru

Saturday, 18 December 2010

We end the week with a strip guaranteed to agitate trumanf; that's because we have five megadoses of hatred glaring at a small child because she's acting like a small child would when left unattended by the oblivious. The Lynnsight will add to the hatefulness owing to Lynn's refusal to see things from Lizzie's viewpoint.

(Strip Number 4110, Original Publication Date, 19 December 1981)

Panel 1: Today's exercise in wanton malice begins when John tells a teary-eyed Lizzie that she flushed five toothbrushes down the can.

Panel 2: The idiot tells her to count all five of them before saying that she should know better because she's a big girl.

Panel 3: We next see her being given the penetrating death stare by five, count'em, five burning balls of hatred who refuse to see things from the perspective of the small child they've decided is BAD.

Panel 4: You'd have to have a heart made of cold stone to behold a panicked Lizzie saying "I little!!" and not feel sorry for her; the notes will prove that Lynn has a block of granite where a heart should be. That's good because it matches her brain.

Summary: The reason for their hostility is that they believe the fault to be one hundred percent Lizzie's; it's not that this is the natural result of their negligence, it's that children are bad. The notes will confirm my belief that Lynn wants children to not be children; "We want them to start crawling and exploring and then we want them to stare blankiy into space as they sit until they get bed sores on their annoying little rumps."