December 2nd, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 3 December 2010

Today's strip shows us why putting a seven-year old in charge of a toddler is a stupid idea; it's annoying to see one kid who doesn't really understand time berate someone younger for the same thing he's guilty of. It's almost as annoying as having to remember that Lynn's notes aren't going to show any sign that she doesn't see how wrong this is.

(Strip Number 4098, Original Publication Date, 4 December 2010

Panel 1: We start off with Mike telling Lizzie that Gramma and Grampa Patterson are coming over for Christmas. Lizzie says "Wanna see them NOW!!"

Panel 2: He then tries to explain that they have to fly in a big plane all the way from Winnipeg; this gets her to yell "Wanna go NOW! Go big plane!!"

Panel 3: His attempt to tell her that they're not coming for a long time yet is answered by her wailing that she wanna see Gamma NOW!!!!!

Panel 4: He walks off muttering "Kids."

Summary: LynnMike's ability to understand small children never did evolve much. Despite not having kids, I would have held off telling Lizzie about this until they were about to meet Will and Carrie at Pearson International; that's because I remember that in real life, a two-year old like Lizzie wouldn't understand place, causality, ontological inertia or time just yet so telling her about concepts that she couldn't understand (such as Winnipeg or three weeks from now or Gammy and Gampy Patterson) would simply get her upset over nothing. The four year old who was upset that Lynn's parents wouldn't be in Lynn Lake for another three weeks yet is one thing because it makes sense for a child that's four to think and act like this; a two year old thinks that the world and everyone in it vanishes into nonexistence when she's not looking at it so this conversation makes no sense.
Snarky Candiru2

The sensitivity problem.....

This is in reference to cookie77 's recent post about John's asinine, demeaning, self-serving and ignorant prattling about April being a princess. Simply put, John doesn't feel especially bound to consider the feelings of the people in his life. No matter how often he's told that his comments hurt, he charges merrily on and getting a bug up his boxers when people dare tell him to have a nice cup of STFU before saying something he knows will hurt. The worst of it is that he can dish it out but he has never been able to take it. There's a very good reason for that; John is a weak, fragile, crouching sack of crap who not only is too squishy inside to cope with life's minor disappointments, he feels that he must share the burden. It's not just him that pulls this sort of annoying stunt, though; Elly, Mike and Liz are also amazingly thin-skinned jerks who tell the people they smugly disrespect to lighten up and not take themselves so seriously. We're not dealing with adults, here; we're dealing with mean, spoiled and stupid children who whine piteously about their own feelings and shrug off the pain of others because it's not theirs to deal with.