November 27th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 28 November 2010

If things run true to form, we should be dealing with a strip that has Elly backtrack on one of her proud boasts owing to her remembering who she's talking about.

(Strip Number 7101, Original Publication Date, 29 November 1981)

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly thoughtfully looking at the display window for a generic men's clothing store; since it's more or less Black Friday, we can safely assume that she's buying John's Christmas present.

Panel 2: As she checks out the dress pants, she attracts the attention of a salesman.

Panel 3: Said salesman, who I'll call Mr Baryon, excuses himself so that he can tell Elly that if she's shopping for hubby, she will LOVE these pants; if he tosses him on the floor, she can toss them in the wash and voila....ready to wear.

Panel 4: Baryon concludes by saying that she never needs to iron them.

Panel 5: Elly starts ranting about how he automatically concluded that SHE does the ironing before stating that John is perfectly capable of ironing his own pants. (This is where my inner cynical choad says that capability and willingness are two very different things.)

Panel 6: She then says that she can't get over how people automatically assume the wife is the one to do that sort of thing.

Panel 7: Baryon then asks if she's looking for something in wool or a cotton blend.

Panel 8: She then reminds us WHY people automatically assume the things that she can't get over by hesitating....

Panel 9: ....and sheepishly admitting that she will, after all, take the permanent press.

Summary: I sort of like this; not because it reminds us that Elly is a lower-rent version of the typical chick lit heroine but because the horrifying reactionary fantasy in the ponytail used to be able to admit to being full of crap once in a while.