November 4th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 5 November 2010

We shift from Elly thinking that she's going places to Lynn not thinking all that much of modern dentistry.

(Strip Number 191, Original Publication Date, 6 November 1981)

Panel 1: We begin with John and Jean about to perform some sort of procedure on a man with a beard named George; he tells her to give George safety goggles and a stereo headset.

Panel 2: Having put the nitrous oxide mask over the man's nose and installed the rubber dam and clamps, Maskless, Gloveless John is ready to proceed.

Panel 3: First though, he has to boast that yessir, modern technology has made dentistry almost fun for the patient.

Panel 4: Jean's asking "What patient?" reveals that Lynn has a Lynntractable opinion about what Rod does for a living.

Summary: Simply put, she looks at all the rig-up needed to make sure that the Georges of the world aren't at any great risk of infection as somehow robbing them of their identity. That's because she needs to look at a face to identify someone as human. (I realize that didn't make much sense but then neither is acting as if wearing a mask annihilates who someone is.)
weeping angel

The Girls Who Went Away

Hi, everyone. Hope this is ok. I just wanted to tell you all, especially the authors of the letters, that Ann Fessler, the lady who wrote "The Girls Who Went Away," is going to be in my city giving a lecture tonight. I thought of you all because of the story of Elly & her daughter Claire, which I thought was great. The interview in today's paper was sad. She was speaking about how the moms were told they'd get over it & get on with their lives, & when they didn't, they blamed themselves. A lot of them went on to accidentally destroy their new families because they couldn't get over the way they'd been treated. It sounded a lot like Elly.

I'd also like to ask, is there a single place where I can find all the letters the fan fic writers wrote over the years? I came to this site fairly late (on August 23, 2008, in fact) and while I'm willing to search the archives to read the letters, it'd be nice if there was a single area for them.

Thanks everybody.