October 19th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Today's strip is a reminder that homework is a very low priority in Michael's world; my guess is that the notes will show that it's a thing he shares with Lynn.

(Strip Number 4082, Original Publication Date, 21 October 1981)

Panel 1: I'm just guessing here but I'd say that it was five seconds or so after Mike told Elly that he thought she was going to help him. In any event, he's got his face frozen in the Bug-Eyed Frown of Panic as he yells "Oh, NO!!! I left my homework at the playground!! Mrs Hardacre will KILL me!!"

Panel 2: He tugs on Elly's sleeve as he yells "She'll murder me if I don't get it done!! I'll get detentions for a month!!"

Panel 3: Elly starts to dress Lizzie for outside as she tells Mike "Well, hurry; let's get on our jackets as let's look for it.

Panel 4: Mike, who's playing with a UFO toy, makes Elly gobsmacked with his blasé "Later."

Summary: One thing that I've noticed over the last thirty years is that Mike knows enough to know the consequences of his stupidity but he doesn't know enough to not want to be stupid or do stupid things. That being said, I'm on the fence about who the notes will be about; will Lynn talk about her past or give Aaron a scraping?
Snarky Candiru2

On homework in the Pattersphere......

Now that we're about to be reminded that Mike hates doing homework, let's take a look at how much he and the other children hate it and why. When we look closely at why he, Liz and April howl about the unfairness of it all, trends emerge.
  1. The first of these is, of course, the idea that their teachers are doing it to pick on them because they hate children and want to see them suffer.
  2. We move on from paranoia to a basic shiftlessness; since they've all internalized Elly's pisspoor work ethic, the idea of spending time focusing on something is anathema to them. It's better for them to rage about not wanting to do stuff they don't want to than to actually do it and get it over with.
  3. Allied to this is the perception that working towards a goal is for suckers or freaks like Brian; it would be better for them if there were a pill one could take to be perfect without wasting time earning it.
  4. One must also remember that it's not their fault if things don't get done; it's the fault of John and Elly for not doing it for them so they can vegetate and slack off in front of the box.  
  5. One thing that is John and Elly's fault is that they don't really make a good case for doing well in school owing to their constantly complaining about the horrors of having to do the simplest mental chores.
  6. Finally, we must contend with a hard fact: the Patterson children also inherited Elly's having only one half of an empty brain; simply put, they're too stupid to get the point of what the teacher is trying to tell them. 
Put that all together and you've got the perfect recipe for School Failure Casserole.