October 10th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 11 October 2010

We celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving by introducing Gordon Mayes. The strange part of the week is not that we somehow have All-Knowing Elly™ passing along parenting tips to Connie; the strange part is that Lawrence is right to feel as if he's being replaced.

(Strip Number 181. Original Publication Date, 12 October 1981)

Panel 1: We find ourselves on the playground today as a boy with eyeglasses asks Mike and Lawrence if he can play with them.

Panel 2: Since the strip had yet to descend into a twisted wish-fulfillment thing and was still an accurate representation of behavior Lynn could faithfully reproduce despite not understanding it, Lawrence and Mike tell him "Nope" and "We're busy."

Panel 3: Lynn may not be aware of this but her having Gordo influence things by offering a Patterson a material incentive (in this case, gum) in order to get something he wants is pretty much setting the pattern of Patterdestiny.

Panel 4: Mike's telling Space Trooper 7 to enter is not only something that's alarmed Lawrence, it's set us on the road to the Settlepocalypse; all we need now is another guy with eyeglasses.

Summary: I expect that Lynn's notes will probably talk about the difficulties either she or Aaron had making new friends; they certainly won't be about the Canadianism that isn't allowed to speak its name: the fact that our Thanksgiving is your Columbus Day. They also won't, as such, point out that the little boy in question turned out to be The Gordon Mayes of Mayes Motors nor will there be any indication that the Patterson family would go on to marry his car dealership in the year 2008. It'll be difficult to see it as the awkward encounter between three children it was with all this history in the way but we'll have to at least try.

ETA: Correction: Lynn's latest banner does note that it's Thanksgiving here; let the confusion begin.