October 9th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 10 October 2010

In today's strip, we see Michael do something flat-out disgusting because he's bored; it's "nice" how his reaction to his lack of supervision is consistent, isn't it?

(Strip Number 7096, Original Publication Date, 27 September 1981)

Panel 1: Since it's Breast Cancer Awareness Day, you would hope to see the "Cartoonists Care" Pink Ribbon somewhere near the logo today; what you do see is Mike with his socks half off what a confused look in his eyes.

Panel 2: Having rolled up his pants legs, he starts to pull up his socks.

Panel 3: He then decides that he'd rather take his socks off.

Panel 4: He starts rolling his socks into a bunch....

Panel 5: ...and takes the left one off.

Panel 6: Something about the shape of the rolled-up sock gives him an idea.

Panel 7: Said idea is to smile like an idiot and put the rolled-up sock on a door-knob. Ew.

Panel 8: We next see Elly, who's bringing in the groceries, being horrified by the filthy sock on the doorknob.

Panel 9: She then yells at Michael because she's found a filthy sock on every doorknob in the house. Again, EWWW!!

Panel 10: As she stares her Gorey-eyed Stare of Rage, Mike smiles and thought-bubbles about how glad he is that he didn't miss any.

Summary: I wonder how Lynn's notes will not notice how this is all due to Elly's total failure to adequately supervise Mike. I don't know how she'll justify that any more than she can justify why Mike thinks that this is okay but I do know that she'll not want to admit that Elly needs to spend more time with these children and less time screaming about bills.