September 25th, 2010

Angry Candiru

Sunday, 26 September 2010

In today's strip, John uses emotional bullying techniques in order to extort a back-rub from Elly; this, although mildly disgusting, is a lot better than next week when he uses flawed, self-serving logic and excessive force to remind Mike that his belief in a "favor bank" system of "morality" is not to be questioned.

(Strip Number 7094, Original Publication Date, 13 September 1981)

Panel 1: We start off with the Pattersons in bed; John, who is still awake, asks something of Elly.

Panel 2: An obviously half-asleep Elly asks "Uh-huh?"

Panel 3: John asks her if she could rub his back for him.

Panel 4: Elly says that she's half-asleep.

Panel 5: Since he really doesn't care how tired she is because he doesn't see what she does as work, he goes right on whining that his mother used to rub his back and sometimes he can't get to sleep until....

Panel 6: He then switches to getting her to blame Mother Patterson who got him hooked on backrubs.

Panel 7: As he says "But if you really loved me....", Elly's eyes bulge out. It's not only being accused of being an unsympathetic bitch that startles her, though; she's also confused by the sound of a million face-palms.

Panel 8: As Elly gives in to his hateful blackmail, the disgusting jackass contentedly thought-bubbles that a man in need of a back rub will stoop to anything.

Summary: It's sort of hard to sympathize with either person here; not only does the greasy idiot John whine his way into adding to Elly's (self-imposed) burden for his own convenience without being burdened with anything as unmanly as sympathy, Elly insists on letting him. Given that the worthless son-of-a-bitch spanks Mike for implying that his self-serving implication that he's owed things for feeding, clothing and housing his children is rubbish and his reaction to Deanna's wondering if it would be a good idea to sell the building lots next to the Tiny Train House is one of horror because he wouldn't be able to inflict his eye-sore model train layout on the world at the expense of people who might prefer to have a nice, comfy home to watching a juvenile twit give the world a huge middle finger, I'd give him a back-rub with a belt sander. Yes, I know that he has lower back pain and yes, I know that he throws his back out on a regular basis; I also know he could have asked earlier when she was still awake to do this. As it stands snow, he'll be rested and only end up looking like Black Lantern John Patterson in the morning; she'll feel like crap about his self-serving accusation and look like Marvel Zombie Elly Patterson.