September 17th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 18 September 2010

We end the week with what Lynn wants us to believe is a reminder that Elly can't balance her checkbook because her children are difficult to control; the problem is that it's closer to being a PSA about watching where you sit. 

(Strip Number 4068, Original Publication Date, 19 September 1981)

Panel 1: Doll-boy Mike looks into Doll-Girl Lizzie's mouth and yells "Hey, Ma!!! Lizzie's lost her gum again!!"

Panel 2: We switch focus to the kitchen where Elly, who was writing a letter or something to keep in practice for the writing course she thinks is leading to a degree, rises from her chair only to find to her horror that she was sitting on the wad of gum.

Summary: Lynn's notes will probably indicate that she had to maintain her hit-and-Mrs style of money management because her children were almost impossible to control; the problem is that she seems to have had two of the most white-bread kids in existence. Also, she should watch what she's doing instead of assuming that her children don't wad gum where-the-Hell-ever just because she wouldn't do that.