September 15th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 16 September 2010

 John uses wordplay to express his extremely negative opinion of Elly's financial ineptitude.

(Strip Number 4067, Original Publication Date, 17 September 1981)

Panel 1: Having finally untangled the mess Elly made of her finances, John tells her that as near as he can figure, she has a bank balance of one hundred twenty nine dollars.....

Panel 2: And no cents.

Panel 3: She grabs the bank statement away from him in disgust as he smiles a rather smug smile; this is because it just hit her that 'no cents' is pronounced the same as the phrase 'no sense' meaning that he thinks she's an imbecile.

Summary: I'm with John on this one; the woman is a disorganized mess who wraps herself in a cloak of victimism so as to avoid the realization that the only things that she hasn't failed at doing are things that she hasn't tried yet. I'm also looking forward to the hatchet-job she does on Rod when she supplies us with her thoughts on this mess. It'd have to be pretty bad to top being likened to a dick who willfully married Elly so he could be the smart one.