September 9th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 10 September 2010

Today's strip has Connie tell Elly that she isn't in over her head here; the problem, of course, is that she doesn't see Ted's fear of commitment looming in the background like some enormous looming thing.

(Strip Number 4065, Original Publication Date, 11 September 1981)

Panel 1: As Ted and Connie get ready to leave, John says that he thinks it's been a great evening.

Panel 2: John then tells them to take care while Elly says to keep in touch; this last originally confused me because in the normal course of things, Elly sees Connie almost every day. I was then reminded that now that Connie's dating, she has no time for the Pattersons.

Panel 3: As she heads out the door, Elly tells Connie that if she ever needs anything, they'll be there for her.

Panel 4: Connie puts her hand on Elly's shoulder and tells her "Thanks, Mom"; this leaves the Pattersons mildly astonished.

Summary: Sadly, there will be a day when she sort of wishes that Elly had managed to talk her out of dating Ted. That same day will, since she's human, also find her wishing that she could have managed to pry him loose from Mommy because she regrets having something that might have worked out not do so. As for convincing the Pattersons that Ted does have his good points, she is aware of the impossible so doesn't try.

ETA: The newest banner has Dainty Doll Girl Aypo in an autumn scene not taken from any strip I'm aware of; this tells me that she's still keeping her hand in.