September 5th, 2010

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Old Strips

I was reading random old entries when I came across comments I wrote back in 2006 where I was describing some old FOOB strips I found when I was cleaning. I thought since the archives are now on the site, I would post the links to the strips in question.

April 24, 1994: Elly is making dinner and is taking a little taste of everything she's making (including a big "SLURPPP!").

May 15, 1994: This one is interesting to me considering how he was portrayed as the best writer in the history of the universe more than a decade later; the Michael of 2006 would never have been shown doing this.

February 5, 1995: In the last panel, if you take away the goatee and moustache, he looks just like Liz. They must have used templates even back then.

December 3, 1995: John puts on white socks while getting dressed; Elly puts him in his place by giving a lecture about how no one wears white during that time of year and that people will notice his faux pas.

December 10, 1995: Liz is doing homework and pitching a fit about the homework she has to do. Since this strip is not on the site, here's the dialog word for word.

Panel 1: "AAAGHHHH!! Why do we hafta know this stuff? WHY?"

Panel 2: "I mean, who CARES how this an' that design was invented by the Romans? IT'S NO FAIR!"

Panel 3: "An' who cares about Plautus an' Aeschylus - they died a million years ago - an' so did Stanislavsky!!"

Panel 4: "This part of our English course is INSANE!!!"

Panel 5: "An' words like catharsis, histrionic, protagonist, hubris... I'm supposed to know what they mean?!!!"


April then comes up and asks what Liz is studying (Liz has her face in her hands and crying in this panel). Her answer? "Theatre". Whoever thought when reading that strip way back when that Liz would become a teacher?

March 10, 1996: Elly being the hypocrite we know she can be.

July 14, 1996: This strip is about John approaching a girl April's age in the grocery store and getting in a conversation with her (full description because this one isn't in the archives either):

John: Hi, there! What's your name?
Girl: My name's Vanessa!
John: Well, Vanessa, I'm guessing that you're about... 5 years old.
Girl: How did you know?!
John: Because I have a little girl at home who's the same ag..
Mother: VANESSA!! Don't talk to that man... We don't know who he is!!!!

Elly comforts him by saying that the mother was just protecting her child, and, hugging April, he says "Now and then, I hate the world we're living in." Nowadays, Elly would probably be like "TSK! How DARE a mother not let her young daughter talk to a Patterson! We're harmless; our last names don't end with a 'K', we don't have big, ugly teeth and we most certainly are not only children!"

September 22, 1996: One of the many examples of Lynn's obsession with toilet humor.