September 4th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Today's strip has Elly get depressed because Lizzie isn't willing to pretend to be a career woman; it's sort of odd to have to remember that she's groaning in despair because her child is parroting her real values back at her.

(Strip Number 7092, Original Publication Date, 23 August 1981)

Panel 1: We start off benignly enough with Mike and Lizzie playing; he's pushing a toy car and she's playing tea party.

Panel 2: Having noticed Elly coming into the room, Mike greets her.

Panel 3: He explains that he and Lizzie are playing house.

Panel 4: He's the dad an'Lizzie's the mommy; she's doin' the washin' an' makin' supper.

Panel 5: Elly notices that there are no dollies and asks why Lizzie doesn't have a job as well. This tells us a lot about Elly, doesn't it?

Panel 6: She could be a police constable, a bus driver, a doctor.....

Panel 7: Lizzie's reaction to Elly's listing occupations she's probably told Connie she doesn't trust women to do is to scream that she wantsa be the Mommy and wantsa'tay hooooooooome an'make supper for AmphonyMichael.

Panel 8: Elly breaks the fourth wall by looking at us and moaning "So much for the great revolution."

Summary: The problem, as I see it, is that Elly has misinterpreted what has gone on; she sees Lizzie as having been brainwashed by the evil conspiracy that consists of every male multicellular life form on the planet into thinking that all she can do is mend socks and bake cookies. What's going on here really is that Lizzie is simply parroting what she knows; she sees a woman who stays home all day because her attempts to escape to the outside world are always frustrated by evil men AND who hangs out with a lot of other SAHMs and assumes that's what a mommy is. (If the guy who does Sunday Comics Debt is lurking, he's probably noticed that Lynn has just lifted Mafalda clean and done a poor job of it.)