August 25th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Today's strip is all about how Lizzie doesn't quite get that she can't go to school quite yet; Elly's attempt to console her reminds us that she does try to like her children as well as love them. 

(Strip Number 4054, Original Publication Date, 27 August 1981)

Panel 1: It would seem that we're starting the proceedings as Mike leaves for his first day of Grade Two; that's because Elly tells an obviously upset Lizzie that no, she can't go out.

Panel 2: When Lizzie tearfully screams "WANNA GO!!!!!!", Elly says that Michael's going to school.

Panel 3: In an effort to calm her down, Elly tells Lizzie to come and be with Mommy and be her special girl.

Panel 4: The smile she's had disappears as she thought-bubbles "...for just a little while longer."

Summary: Part of me wants to sympathize with Elly's realization that time is going by so fast, that her children are growing up far faster than she'd like them to. The rest of me remembers that she's wasted (and will waste) so much time on busy-work, self-pity, begrudging them their youth and pointless hostility so feels slightly more sympathy for her children. This muted sympathy for Elly's concerns is based on having to bear witness to strips that have her wondering why she doesn't feel one bit sorry that her children aren't under foot; I know that it's not easy to be a parent but I also know that it's nowhere near as bad as Lynn makes it out to be. I mean, this is a woman who's filled with confusion, disbelief, anger and despair because she can no longer keep up with a three-year old!!!! God!! What a wimp!!!!