August 21st, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Unfortunately for those of us who have weak constitutions, today's strip is the one in which Elly finally (and grudgingly) accepts that Mike and Lizzie need to take separate baths because Lizzie has noticed that she doesn't have a penis and tries to pull Mike's unit off. It should be noted that her bleary-eyed stare comes not from the affront to Mike's dignity but from her horrified realization that SHE has to supervise Lizzie in the tub.

(Strip Number 6074, Original Publication Date, 9 August 1981)

Panel 1: We start off with Elly trying to relax; she's got her feet up, she's drinking coffee and she's thought-bubbling "AAAAAHHHH!!

Panel 2: Her smile has been erased by an off-camera OUCH!!!!!!!

Panel 3: The off-camera yell of WOULD YOU CUT IT OUT?! elicits the Scrunched-Up Face Of Rage™.

Panel 4: She rolls up her sleeve so as to administer her justice to the person who's disturbed her tranquility with comments like "Because YOU haven't GOT one, that's why!!"

Panel 5: As Elly makes the Scrunched-Up Face of Rage as she stands at the bottom of the Poorly-Drawn Stairs that lead to hyperspace, we establish that Mike is doing the yelling; what he's currently yelling is "LET GO, ELIZABETH!!!!"

Panel 6: We switch to a tight close-up on his face as he hollers "HELP, MAAA!!!!!"

Panel 7: We zoom out to see a bone-weary looking Elly taking Lizzie out of the bathtub; as Mike glares at her, she says that from now on, they'll have to take separate baths.

Summary: What this tells me is that Elly is so in love with the idea of Mike being Lizzie's keeper that she takes it too damned far and is depressed and angry because he can no longer do something she's supposed to; it also tells me that Lynn likes low humor about the ickier parts of human anatomy. A latter example of this trend also contains the annoying "Stuck-out Tongue of Pain."