August 15th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 16 August 2010

 In today's strip, we have another day, another lecture and another opportunity to bond with one's son wasted feeling sorry for one's self.

(Strip Number 4048, Original Publication Date, 17 August 1981)

Panel 1: We start off with a bored, understimulated little boy named Michael Patterson bouncing up and down on the couch simply to fill the empty hours in his life. This attracts the horrified attention of Elly.

Panel 2: Her reaction, of course, is to force trumanf to check off items on his bingo card by narrowing her eyes and yelling a muppet-mouthed yell of "MICHAEL!! DO NOT TREAT MY FURNITURE LIKE THAT!!" so loudly that we can expect a lecture about going to the washroom on time as she does next morning's eight loads of laundry. 

Panel 3: She next makes him check off the Waggling Index Finger of (Self-)Righteous Indignation as she tells a small boy who simply wants something to do "A COUCH IS TO SIT ON!! IT IS NOT A TRAMPOLINE!! FURNITURE COSTS MONEY!!"

Panel 4: As she walks off, Mike SIGHS and mutters "Another day, another lecture."; since she can hear him, her eyes are bugged out in existential horror.

Summary: Tomorrow's strip has her totally not understanding how boring it is being a seven-year old who's never allowed to do anything that would require his mother to divert her attention away from gossiping, watching soap operas, useless busywork and feeling sorry for herself. It also features her thinking that his being bored is another reason for her to not like him very much.
Snarky Candiru2

Real Estate in the Foobisphere.....

I don't quite remember who it was but someone suggested that it would be a great idea to talk about how oddly convenient it is that houses simply seem to be available for the Pattersons and their friends whenever they need one. We start, of course, with the Pattermanse itself; Lynn might tend to get sort of nebulous about the past of the characters but her one consistency is that Connie Poirier told Elly about a house in the suburb where she lived that would be perfect for the family of four that the Pattersons were about to be. It's sort of fitting that we talk about Connie because she, for reasons best left unsaid, leaves town and sells her home to the Enjos so as to give Mike and Liz new visible minorities to hang out with. When Lynn needed to have Connie come back, she had Mrs Baird sell her home to Elly's pathetic friend. The next person to get a house when he needed it was, of course, Mike; the home in question is Lovey's barn of an apartment; it was perfect because it allowed him to horrify Mira. We also have to contend with Liz finding basement apartments as needed, Anthony buying the place Gord's family outgrew and the Housening itself. Simply put, houses are a lot like limousines, jobs and fancy weddings in the Patterverse; they simply seem to appear as needed.