August 3rd, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

 In today's strip, John shows us that every so often, he does remember that all Elly wants is to be told that she is right to be upset all the time. 

(Strip Number 4041, Original Publication Date, 5 August 1981)

Panel 1: We start off with John telling that he doesn't care how angry Elly is; he loves her.

Panel 2: As she turns to face him, he says that he also doesn't care what she's angry about; he still loves her.

Panel 3: As she starts to smile a little, he says that he doesn't even care if she won't talk, he loves her.

Panel 4: As she hugs him, he thought-bubbles that this is the only way to fight.

Summary: Way to not solve a damned thing. We don't know why Elly is angry and never really learn. We don't get an admission of guilt, we don't see anyone learn a damned thing and we don't even get anything close to these morons realizing that they need to reassure Mike that whatever they were yelling at him about wasn't his fault; all we get is another selection from the abuser's bag of tricks: the bullshit confession of guilt meant to sabotage any attempt at leaving the relationship.

April's Near Death Doesn't Alter No-Kid Vacation Plans

This came up in a recent thread and, at the time, I was unable to find the strip I was looking for: Elly telling April that she and John are going on yet another no-kids vacation. When April protests, "But, you went on a boat before," Elly's comeback is "Uh-huh. We went on a cruise last spring! --That was over nine months ago!" Elly looks gobsmacked when April asks, "Do you have to go away again so soon?"

See, what gets me about this strip is that Elly would want to go on a no-kids vacation so soon after her four-year-old nearly drowned. If it were so goshdarned important to have a vacation only ten months after the near-drowning, don't you think Elly would be sufficiently traumatized that she'd want to plan something that included April? Is Elly made of stone?