July 16th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 17 July 2010

In today's strip, John says something dumb to try to avoid pitching in at clean-up time; it doesn't work.

(Strip Number 4037, Original Publication Date, 18 July 1981)

Panel 1: We find ourselves looking at the interior of the abandoned shanty that the Pattersons think is Ted's place; John says that Ted's keys didn't fit too well but he managed to get the door open. A normal man of average intelligence would immediately realize that if the keys don't fit the lock they're supposed to go into, he's in the wrong place but we are talking about John Patterdolt. He doesn't know when he's beaten, he doesn't when he's winning, he's got no sensory apparatus whatever.

Panel 2: Elly looks at the decrepit hellhole and says "Boy, this sure isn't much of a place."

Panel 3: John sets up the punchline by telling an astonished Elly that all it needs is a woman's touch....

Panel 4: ....only to ask where he should start when she gives him the Penetrating Death Stare.

Summary: When I first laid eyes on this way back when, I asked myself the question "Are the Pattersons even in the right place?"; that's because it seemed that a doctor who fancied himself a ladykiller would have a nicer place than this. John's having to bust down the door to get in only added to my suspicion that the idiot made a wild-ass (and incorrect) guess as to where Ted's place was. I say this because I think that even Inman might start to suspect that something is up.
Snarky Candiru2

The latest sermon from Mount Foobmore and my objections thereto.

If you'll indulge me, I'd like to start up this thread detailing my take on Lynn's non-apology:

Your concerns are well founded. In the real world, as a parent, I would definitely sympathize with April and her displacement. I'd also expect more gratitude from the people taking her private space.

This seems to me to be an attempt to not only shift the blame onto Mike and Deanna for the overcrowding but to ignore the real problem: the fact that no one wanted to talk to April about what was going on for fear of being subjected to her Martian picky-face princess hormonal drama. While it's true that Mike had his head wedged too far up his ass to know what was going and that Deanna was pricing the maid's uniform April was meant to wear, they weren't the only idiots in the mix; we had smug rat John talking about her as if her feelings were something like a menace, Elly wringing her hands and Liz, who had no reason to be there, spouting off about how April should suck it up. I personally believe that if Liz had absented herself, April might have been okay with the whole thing; she wouldn't, of course, have been included but she wouldn't have thought that the move was the end of the world owing to going from one room of certain dimensions to another of the same size. Instead, she was treated like a peon.

In producing the strip, I had such tight time restraints and so little space in which to fully tell a story, that details like these were sometimes sadly lacking. In a TV sit-com, one can say a million things- with fleeting expressions, a hug in passing, a gesture or a word. In a strip, which is static, you have less than 3 seconds to tell a story- and if a reader misses a day, they might lose an important point.

This is nonsense; what's most important is the time spent on writing the work in question, not how long it takes to read it. If she'd thought things through instead of plodding along stupidly to a pointless destination, she could have told the whole story.

By 2007, FBorFW was becoming a very complicated and convoluted saga- with too many characters and too many storylines. The venue of 3 seconds a day was not enough! This is why I decided to end it.

Well, I partway agree with that; we could have done without Anthony, Gerald, the Smackdown Rangers and all the other hangers-on. We could also have dispensed with Mike and Liz as well; the two of them should have been reduced to bit players like Phil, Annie or Ted, there to remind us of the past without littering the present with their doings. If we had to have the big, happy family, it would have been nice if they interacted with one another; instead, we had an odd compartmentalization in which they pass by one another in the halls fearing contact.

In addition, 2007 was the year my life fell into a tailspin and I was doing the best I could without diving into a rubber room!! If details were overlooked, it was not for lack of trying- and I did my best.

Sadly, she's not deceiving us; too bad for her that she doesn't realize that this is another admission that she had nothing left in the tank.

I thoroughly appreciate your input. Suggesting ways in which things might have been improved is a compliment. Thanks- and I hope you keep enjoying comic art. It's a much maligned form of expression...but it's FUN! All the best Lynn J.

One wonders why it's maligned, Mrs Teal-And-Lavender Atrocity; one also wonders who's doing the maligning. Not us, that's for certain; we want the medium to be preserved and honored instead of cheapening it.

The end result is that we have an answer that answers nothing and avoids facing certain hard facts; in short, it's Lynn standing around popping Skittles into her mouth while pretending to be coherent again.