July 15th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 16 July 2010

In today's strip, the Pattersons finally arrive at what they mistakenly believe to be Ted's cabin and are non-plussed by how bad it is.

(Strip Number 150, Original Publication Date, 17 July 2010)

Panel 1: We find ourselves at what the Pattersons believe to be Ted's cabin; we highlight this by John's telling Elly that it's the only cabin on the particular side of the lake they're on, it must be the place.

Panel 2: Elly looks in the window and says that Ted wasn't kidding about it being modest.

Panel 3: As John tries opening the screen door, he bets Elly that it's fantastic inside.

Panel 4: Elly tells John "You're on" after the screen door comes off its hinges and smacks him in the face.

Summary: As I said beforehand, a smarter couple would have taken one look at the Unabomber's bachelor pad and said that they must not be at the right place; if I can spot an abandoned house a mile off, you'd think that the Pattersons could too, right? If I were John, I'd at the very least have gone to the Esso station next to the nice row of tidy little cottages on the lake front across the street from the play area for the kids and phoned Ted to ask for directions. Then again, I'm not an idiot who thinks that a thing can only be what I think it is.

ETA: The latest banner is a variant of an old stand-by about another camping trip in which John was oppressed by having to adapt to the values of his offsprings.