June 12th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 13 June 2010

I wonder what horror awaits us today; will we continue on with more man-bashing or will we lead into Monday's strip about how Lizzie is too big to carry but is so used to it that she doesn't want to walk on her own?

We find ourselves watching John's average weekend.

Panel 1: We find ourselves at John's clinic; as he puts X-rays into a filing cabinet, Jean says "Good night, Doctor P!". He wishes her a good night and a good weekend as well.

Panel 2: He then thought-bubbles "Whoa! What a week!"

Panel 3:
As he locks up, he smiles and thought-bubbles "Ahhhh!! Friday!"

Panel 4:
He practically skips down the hallyway as he thought-bubbles "I can escape the office for two days!"

Panel 5:
On the drive home, he thought-bubbles "No patients, no staff, no business troubles!"

Panel 6:
We start to see the error in his logic as soon as he gets in the door; that's because Mike and Lizzie are angrily fighting over a stuffed toy.

Panel 7:
We remind ourselves that Elly is too stupid to make sure that Farley is walked and fed properly because she yells at him while cleaning up his mess.

Panel 8: She then yells at John because he tracked a bit of mud in the house so he could oppress her by adding work to her busy life.

Panel 9: As the children yell about the stuffed toy and Elly makes that stupid palms-out gesture as she yet again lectures him about how hard it is to be a busy mother with nooooo help and noooo time to herself, John is staggered because he has to read the Honey-Do List From Hell; given that he pretty much has to keep the house from collapsing in on itself, he can pretty much kiss his quiet weekend good-bye.

Panel 10: We next see him opening up the clinic for the week thought-bubbling "Ahhhh! MONDAY!!!!"

Summary: The problem, of course, is that this cycle is self-sustaining; by the time Friday rolls around, he imagines that his family is an oasis of calm and stability after a week of dull, thankless, draining work all over again only to imagine that work is a haven from domestic unpleasantness on Monday. Eventually, he takes up toy trains.