June 11th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 12 June 2010

We end the week with the strip beloved of Lise C of Lakeville, New Brunswick; the one in which John wishes that Elly would quit harping on his inability to change the toilet paper. Enjoy your nothing, Lise.

(Strip Number 6000, Original Publication Date, 13 June 1981)

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching the Pattersons getting ready for bed; since Lynn speaks fluent old-lady-who-wants-to-pretend-she's-British, she asks John why he can't change the toilet paper by saying "Why don't you ever replace the bathroom roll?"

Panel 2: She then asks him why he can never seem to walk his clothes to the hamper.

Panel 3: As they climb into bed, John tells her to face the fact that she married someone who isn't perfect.

Panel 4: He then asks "did I marry someone how is?"; this, of course, could have been the lead-in to the Sunday strip where she's angry about something he said and won't give him a break; she has no intention of accepting that she has flaws of any sort, after all.

Summary: It's obvious that Lynn means to tell us that John is a lazy jerkass who doesn't want to be improved by anyone, least of all Elly. It's too bad that she's made it sort of obvious that her protagonist is an ignorant, ill-tempered blowhard who stands there baying at the moon over very little; that makes it easy to believe that John simply wants to settle down a high-strung freaking loony-bird before she strokes out. Where he fails is that he thinks that housework soothes the mind; it takes him next to forever to realize that the simple chores he can do without complaint agitate, confuse and depress Elly.

ETA Lynn's latest banner congratulates the class of 2010 on a job well done. At least this year, the hats aren't empty....just the heads underneath them.