June 3rd, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Friday. 4 June 2010

We finish the John-has-no-friends story arc with Elly declaring that he's her best friend. That sounds sweet until you remember how Pattersons treat their friends.

(Strip Number 4014, Original Publication Date, 5 June 1981)

Panel 1: It's late at night but John can find no rest; we see him in bed still staggered by his friendlessness. He tells Elly "There was once a time that I had a 'best friend'; Don't you remember having a best friend, Elly?"

Panel 2: Elly attempts to reassure him by saying "Uh huh; in fact, I still have a best friend."

Panel 3: Elly turns to him and says "You"; instead of being alarmed, John is somehow consoled by this. I don't honestly think that he should be.

Summary: That's because I do a nasty thing Kool-Aid Nation hates: remembering the shabby way that the Foobs tend to treat their friends. In my opinion, that means that we end this arc with John receiving no real consolation. Poor sap; not only does he feel isolated, his 'loving' wife just told him to get ready for his future as being treated like a peon.