May 29th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Lynn seems to have settled into a pattern of creating Sunday new-ruins by cobbling together older strips and making inferior pastiches that are meant to set the pattern for their predecessors; let's see what she presses into service today.

What we have is a remix of all those strips that have Elly over-react to something absurd that her children are doing. That's because what's got Elly's mouth frozen in the Muppet-mouthed Triangle of Horror™ this week is that Lizzie watches Farley eat like a dog and proceeds to do the same.

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly putting food in Farley's dish as Lizzie looks on; as he runs toward it, he makes a whappita-whappita sound.

Panel 2: As he eats his food, Lizzie walks over to see what he's doing.

Panel 3: She then lays down on the floor to watch him eat.

Panel 4: He's still eating and she's still looking on in fascination.

Panel 5: It would seem that he's now supposed to be drinking out of his water dish; if so, why is it suddenly the red his food dish was? Shouldn't we have seen him eat-grunch-much-chew-eat out of a yellow one all along?

Panel 6: Lizzie watches Farley leave.

Panel 7: She then smiles as Elly comes to pick her up.

Panel 8: Elly seats Lizzie at the table.

Panel 9: She next puts a plate in front of her....

Panel 10: ....only to be horrified as Lizzie starts eating like a dog.

Summary: The problem, of course, is that we have yet another example of an old problem I have with Foob: the unsupervised interaction of pets and children under, oh, say, ten or so. There's no telling Lynn that this is a fairly dumb idea because she's convinced that she can leave a child and a pet in the same room and walk away without, y'know, having to worry about it. The fact that emergency rooms and, in some sad cases, graves are filled with disproof means zilch to her. Other than that, it's just another example of Elly losing her religion over not a hell of a lot.