April 25th, 2010

Angry Candiru

Monday, 26 April 2010

We begin the week by starting off the "Lizzie has a cold" story arc; in today's thrilling installment, John declares his intention to give a sick, crying child something to cry about. Since this strip makes me so pissed off that I can't see straight, I'm using the Monarch avatar to express my depth of feeling.

(Strip Number 3996, Original Publication Date, 27 April 1981)

Panel 1: It's late at night at the Pattermanse; Lizzie's coughing, sneezing and crying is keeping John up. Since he's a bit of a bastard, he says "Oh, no....not again....I've been up all night" instead of wondering what's wrong with his child like someone with empathy and decency as a default option would.

Panel 2: Since he's a self-absorbed, thoughtless creep with rage and entitlement issues, he goes into Lizzie's room grumbling and snorting in rage and thought-bubbling "Miserable little [Expletive Deleted] is driving me crazy; I'm gonna go in there and...."

We should probably be thankful he doesn't complete that sentence.

Panel 3: He beholds the terrible nuisance that he wishes to inflict mayhem upon for the terrible crime of robbing a stupid, selfish, arrogant narcissistic piece of shit of sleep; a sick, frightened, crying child.

Panel 4: Shamed into behaving like the decent man people think he is, he sings the poor kid an atonal lullaby.

Summary: There's a strong current of hatefulness in this strip, isn't there? Every time I see a strip that features a crying, frightened child, I see a parent who whines about the unfairness of the small one offspring's evil, selfish demands on Mommy and Daddy's time; that's because the creator is an immature, selfish bitch who whines "Why does everything bad happen to MEEEEEEE???????" whenever she encounters a child in need of the sympathy she can only feel for herself.