April 24th, 2010

Disgusted Candiru

Sunday, 25 April 2010

I wonder what will greet us today. Will Lynn bother creating a new-run or parachute in a strip from 1980 to remind us how it took her years to decide how the kids should look. I also wonder if it will somehow tie into next week's "Lizzie has a cold" story arc.

It's a new-ruin; the theme, of course, is Poor Put-upon Elly™ is forced to make a huge snackrifice because her Defiant Children™ have foods they dislike.

Panel 1: We begin with John putting Lizzie in her high chair; it should be noted that she's in those stupid overalls because Lynn probably never changed Katie.

Panel 2: He puts on her bib.

Panel 3: He then feeds her a big spoonful of oatmeal with raisins; since he's fairly ugly, Lizzie looks fairly freaked.

Panel 4: Judging from her expression, there's something she doesn't like about what she's eating.

Panel 5: Since she's spitting out the raisins onto the tray of the high chair, it's clear that she and April share a hatred of dried fruit with Garfield the cat.

Panel 6: She spits more of them out onto the tray of her high chair.

Panel 7: After she's done, John takes her out of her chair.

Panel 8: He takes Lizzie upstairs because it's probably nap time.

Panel 9: Elly comes into the kitchen and notices the raisins.

Panel 10: She eats them because she likes raisins and hates leftovers.

Summary: I doubt that she's gonna have too many people telling her she's got a camera in their house on this one; that's because you'd have to be some kind of a freak to want to eat raisins covered in saliva.