April 12th, 2010

Angry Candiru

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Today, we get more of Elly ranting about how John is pissing away their money on a toy for himself; John's reaction is to sort of think that he's being punished arbitrarily and capriciously. It'll take him days to realize that what Elly really wants is a toy she can use. It'll take him years to realize that she thinks that women can only operate appliances.

(Strip Number 129, Original Publication Date, 14 April 1981)

Panel 1: A wild-eyed Elly makes that ridiculous palms-out gesture while saying "I don't believe it!! I go without a twenty dollar can opener to save a few dollars..."

Panel 2: She points her finger in the air and narrows her eyes as she yells "And who spends a FORTUNE on something we don't need?!"

Panel 3: She follows that by walking away from him, waving her arms in the air and yelling "What's the point of trying to be frugal? Why budget? Why?"

Panel 4: As she continues her angry, irrational, hypocritical tirade, John thought-bubbles "Who said to be born was to suffer?"

Summary: What he should have said is that he had no idea that he had forbade her from buying the electric can-opener. He also should have reminded her that she can't even balance her own checkbook so if anyone is going to be talking about being careful with money, it's him.