April 9th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Today's strip is the one in which John makes a bad situation worse by an infelicitous choice of words; instead of saying "his refund check" or "our money" or working the phrase "gift for the whole family" into the conversation, he allows as how since he, the sole breadwinner, makes a beautiful dollar, he can jolly well get a two thousand dollar stereo if he wants to. This leads to Phase Two of the Infidelity Cycle: passive-aggressive bullshit from Elly about how wronged she is.

Panel 1: Goggle-Eyed Elly asks John how he could spend so much money on a stereo when they've already got one.

Panel 2: As he sets up the new stereo, she reacts to his mild reply of "This one's better" by getting even more freaked out.

Panel 3: Her next move is to bellow the straight line "There is absolutely no excuse for you buying that thing."

Panel 4: She's stunned into silence by his testily snarling that it's his money.

Summary: What bothers me is not that John acts like Fred Flintstone with a cooler ride; it's not that Elly is equally out of date mentally. It's not even that Lynn herself basically accepts the premise that the husband is the one to control the purse springs because she thinks that having a head for money is associated with the Y chromosome. What bothers me is that Lynn thinks that this is how things worked in 1981; it's even less palatable 29 years later.