April 6th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

In today's strip, Elly and Annie are astonished to find that they still make manual can openers. It's only fair; I'm astonished that anyone ever found this funny.

Panel 1: We find ourselves at what would later be called Philpott's department; as Annie, who's holding a yogurt maker she might like to buy, looks on, Goggle-Eyed Elly reacts with disbelief to the prices of appliances; she highlights this by saying "$19,98? $29.95 $34.99? These things cost a fortune!!" Since those were the average prices back then, one would assume that John bought the original as a Christmas present and Elly never knew what it cost.

Panel 2: In any event, the idea of parting with money so alarms her that she acts as if she were about to get shot instead of about to buy a gadget she's only going to overuse; she reminds us of this by asking Annie how she can justify spending twenty dollars on a thing that opens cans.

Panel 3: Getting into full-on enraged mode now, she piously states that she'll buy a manual can opener that costs a buck twenty-five.

Panel 4: As she and Elly stare at the kitchen accessories display Annie decides to channel Linus at the Christmas tree lot by asking if they still make those things.

Summary: While I applaud her wanting to hold the line on prices, it seems that there's a middle ground she's not aware of; instead of getting the cheapest manual opener going and having to replace it every few months, it would probably be better to spring for the sturdier model.