April 1st, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 2 April 2010

When you realize that we're fairly close to the end of the new-ruin era, it's sort of appalling knowing that we're spending it watching Anne talk about her marital problems. I would have rather been told why Deanna acts like a creep because Mike HAD to stay home from school.

I would also rather not see Elly race around like an idiot because Lizzie likes playing in the water.

Panel 1: We start off with Lizzie smiling like an idiot and splish-splash-splooshing her hands in the toilet water; Elly, whose attention was diverted for some foolish reason, runs towards her with her face frozen in the Triangle of Horror.

Panel 2: It would seem that Elly has yet to figure out that she should supervise Lizzie and keep her away from large sources of open water in which she could drown; that's because Lizzie is now splashing her hands in the mop bucket which, as we know, is full of dirt and toxic cleansers; since Elly was off doing something stupid, she rushes towards her child in a blind panic because her presumption that Lizzie would simply sit quietly was once again disproven.

Panel 3: We next see Lizzie playing with Farley's water; next thing you know, there's Elly running towards her with her face in the Triangle of Horror.

Panel 4: As Elly starts to put Lizzie in her bath, the child SCREAMS which causes Elly's face to be frozen in the Triangle of Horror. Given that it looks as if she's about to drop Lizzie off the side of the Queen Mary 2, it's sort of easy to understand why the kid is noisily reluctant to take the plunge.

Summary: The first three panels were clear hints that we're supposed to approve of the fact that Elly is too God-damned stupid to learn from her mistakes; no matter how many times she sees her children do something dangerous because she failed to prevent it, she can't get it through her thick skull that she has to supervise her children. The last panel is proof that she doesn't learn that immersing a child in blazing hot water, scrubbing them like a pot with a particularly intractable stain, raking their hair like a maniac and getting soapy water in their eyes is not going to make them regard bath-time as fun.

Georgia and Phil

I'm typing this on my new Blackberry.  What do you think?  We're on our way to Toronto.  One of my flute students makes his debut tonght with the TSO and sent us the nicest invitation.  We also had an invitation from Elly.  We can drop by without having to stay long because it's a long drive to Montreal.  Says she's sorry she told everyone we were infertile because she didn't believe that we didn't want children.

Phil's swearing at the traffic.  I told him what I'm writing and he said to say Hey.