March 27th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Let's see what we're in for today; my gut tells me that we might be in for another strip from 1980 but we could see one of the last new-ruin Sunday strips EVAH!!

It's a new-ruin; as such, it's an inferior remix of older strips that feature Elly trying to train Farley only to have it backfire somehow.

Panel 1: We start with Farley scratching at the front door because he wants back in the house.

Panel 2: The door opens but before he can go inside, he's sprayed with water.

Panel 3: He goes back to scratching at the door.

Panel 4: Once again, he's spritzed in the face before he can get in the door.

Panel 5: He tries again with the scratching.

Panel 6: Mike lets him in to Elly's displeasure.

Panel 7: She shoves the confused and upset animal back outside.

Panel 8: She holds out a book called "How to train your dog" and a water pistol so as to explain that she's trying to train Farley not to scratch on the door when he wants in.

Panel 9: Now that Mike has taken over training detail, the scratching sound has got him sort of enthused; he'll show at least one parent he can help out.

Panel 10: Too bad John was scratching at the door trying to find his housekeys; otherwise, he wouldn't have gotten sprayed and risked dropping the groceries.

Summary: The problem, of course, is that Farley shouldn't be wandering loose at all; if they remembered that such things as leash laws existed, they wouldn't have this sort of problem.
Snarky Candiru2

Travelogue, Day Thirteen

Now that Lynn is heading home, let's see what mistakes she makes when talking about Japan.

Quite a few, I'd say:

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- She's probably talking about Narita New Town when she says "small, pretty community" nearby; that's because Narita is more or less Newark to Tokyo's Five Boroughs.
- She seems not to figured out that the people at the sushi place were staring and pointing at her because she made a ridiculous spectacle of herself; Lynn seems to be under the impression that the people at the restaurant will remember the day some idiot Westerner they've never heard of (and who blended in with all the other moron tourists they've ever run into) showed up for the rest of their lives. The notion that they will tell their impressed grandchildren about her seems somewhat farfetched; what seems far more likely is that they forgot her about a day later.
- New travel era, she says; what rock did she just crawl out from under, says I! People have been traveling like this for donkey's years.
- Marveling at the snow when you were in a subtropical climate hours before might have seemed miraculous in the days of steamships but in the jet age, it's not such a miracle.
- Given that we've learned a lot about Thailand because of her mistakes, she's right in all the wrong ways about learning a lot.
- That last passage about the importance of spirituality reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons that had Bart explain that on December 25th, people of all faiths gathered together to worship Jesus Christ. The same nebulous belief in the importance of faith and ignorance of other faiths shines through both passages.
- Finally, thank God this crap is over with; if I ever see another candid snapshot of Lynn in a bathing suit, it'll be twenty thousand million years too soon.