March 25th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 26 March 2010

I'd like to think that howtheduck's idea that today's strip would feature Mike over-inflating the tires because he wants to help his Daddy; that way, we could have a mildly amusing example of John getting pwned because Mike doesn't know what he's doing. Too bad for us that Lynn wants to remind us that John is an ogre; that means we'll probably be reminded that he doesn't believe in honest mistakes any more than Elly does.

It's worse; we have John blubbering like an idiot because Mike made a simple mistake.

Panel 1: We start off with John's silhouette, which is next to the car tell Mike that he must have left his keys on the driver side of the car and ask if he's seen them; Mike mutters "ummmmmm."

Panel 2: His trying to soften the blow by telling John that they might have gone up the vacuum hose simply makes John angrier; that's because he says "What do you mean, 'might have'; where are the keys?"

Panel 3: Mike points to the vacuum and says "in there."; this really gets John upset.

Panel 4: Instead of going to the manager and explaining what happened, John hugs the vacuum and cries; this causes the next guy in line to ask "Hey, buddy, can I use that thing or are you starting a relationship?"

Summary: I expect to end the week with an eerie parallel of the strip wherein Mike inadvertently broke the ornament he bought; rather than admit to the existence of honest mistakes, John busted his chops about something that was ultimately his own damned fault. I mean, who leaves their keys in their car?
Snarky Candiru2

Travelogue: Day Twelve.

Now that we're pretty much at the end of the trip and now that Lynn has found what she thinks is the real Thailand, let's see how she spends her remaining time; perhaps she'll make snippy and ill-informed remarks about the protesters that get in her way or risk being prosecuted for lèse-majesté by making ludicrous comments about the Thai royal family.

In today's discussion of the last few days of her trip, she talks about what she did while waiting for her plane to Japan:

Collapse )
- It seems odd that Katie and Lane would leave Lynn to her own devices knowing how bored she gets until. of course, you consider what a pain in the ass she must be as a traveling companion.
- She doesn't seem to have picked up on the fact that we can see right through lines like "I would have liked to tried some but there was no time."
- As for cattle blocking the road being a shock, she doesn't seem to get how stupid that makes her sound.
- She's doing a poor job of disguising the fact that she's on a prepaid tour and that she feels disappointed that Thailand wasn't what she thought it was.
- She is starting to wonder what the people around her think of her; that's sort of a good sign. Too bad she sort of sabotages herself by wondering why the Indochina war lasted so long given how hot and sticky it is there and not getting that the world isn't supposed to be what she expects it to be.
- It seems odd that talking to English-speakers finally seems to have made her realize the possibilities of the Internet but since she's behind the curve, it's not much of a shock. She did have fun at the cooking class, though.
- What I initially found really odd is how she seems to be bang dead with her take on the orchid farm; when I realized she's quoting from a brochure, my confusion went away.
- She next discusses congestion and how her next post will be all about her impressions of the airport as she makes her way to Japan.