March 21st, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 22 March 2010

Now that we've found out who Cello Girl is and established that Connie is a needy ding-dong that shot herself in the foot because she was too [boxcar]ing dumb to notice that Phil was sort of into her let alone come home when Lawrence needed her, let's see if we have to establish other things before the mythical Early Spring.

We're apparently going to establish the fact that John and Mike don't have much of a relationship this week. We start, however, with Mike talking about Lawrence's cast.

Panel 1: We start out with John sitting on his recliner holding the day's edition of the Toronto Squiggly Line; he looks to his right and tells Mike, who's leaning on the armrest, "So, I hear Lawrence got his cast off today."

Panel 2: As John tries reading the headlines with his eyes shut, Mike says "Yeah. We wanted him to bring it in for show an'tell."

Panel 3: He goes on to say that Lawrence says his leg feels funny but he can walk fine.

Panel 4: The fact that Mike obviously feels sympathetic because Lawrence won't be able to kick anyone for a while makes John get gobsmacked.

Summary: I have no real idea why it is that Lynn thinks that little boys act like a bunch of cage fighters; sure, Aaron might have been a handful but she can't generalize like that. About the only way this does make real sense is if you assume that the other parents didn't want the dentist's crazy-ass wife near their kids lest their private lives end up splashed all over the funny papers.