March 19th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Now that Lynn thinks we've been told who Allo Girl is, we can expect some sort of blathering about how Phil-broke-Connie's-heart-because-there-obviously-can't-be-any-other-explanation. If Lynn were to allow herself to see the countless harmless alternatives, she'd have to admit that her critics are right and that she's letting her biases destroy the credibility of the strip. That is not going to happen so we should sit back, 'enjoy' the forced pun and watch Elly make an ugly fool of herself by not taking Phil's explanation seriously.

Paint me green and call me Gumby!! Lynn isn't going to violate continuity after all.

Panel 1: As Annie picks up her son, she says "So, Elly, is Phil seeing someone?"; as Lizzie prepares to dock with the mother ship, Elly says that she doesn't really know because she hasn't asked him.

Panel 2: As Annie puts Christichard's coat on, Elly tells her that Phil says that the girl Connie saw is a cellist; it seems that they were working on some music and were just friends.

Panel 3: Annie then says "Does this mean that she still has a chance?"; Elly replies "Maybe; I don't like to pry (!!) but I'll keep my eyes and ears open."

Panel 4: As Annie leaves, Elly thought-bubbles "When you keep your eyes and ears open, it's hard to keep your mouth shut."

Summary: We know that Elly does love to pry so her statement in Panel 3 is a load of old cobblers; we also know that she doesn't really believe that The Mystery Cellist is simply Phil's friend. What she probably believes is that Commitment-Fearing Phil is playing a game he calls "Keeping his options open" because he fears settling down with the wrong person; he doesn't "get" that the game creates casualties but that's because he's a man. Third, she likes her some stupid non-wisdom that justifies her being an annoying scold.

ETA: Now that it's spring, we have a new banner that celebrates it.