March 15th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

As spotts1701 has told us, we're in for a new-ruin that has two bored suburban housewives prove that they don't have time to fantasize like everyone else.

Panel 1: As Elly mends or embroiders something, she tells Annie that it sure would be nice to run away from everything for a little while; Annie wistfully agrees.

Panel 2: She says "We could take a Mediterranean cruise; no house to look after, no cooking, no cleaning, no kids...."; Annie says "Whoah!"

Panel 3: Elly's dream vacation also includes "spa treatments....reading on the deck, a cold Margarita served by a handsome waiter....sleeping until late." Annie's contended "Aaaaaah" reminds us that she too would like a break from parenting.

Panel 4: Mike's off-camera yell of "MOM!!! COME QUICK!!!!" reminds them they aren't going to get time to themselves soon; Elly has the Squished-up Face of Rage while Annie is rocking the Triangle of Horror.

Panel 5: As they rush off to see what it is Mike is yelling about, they both thought-bubble "It's hard to dream when your alarm keeps going off."

Summary: The premise, of course, is that part of being a SAHM is that Elly and Annie don't even have the time to fantasize any more because they have no help, no time to themselves and no sympathy from those around them; I should probably qualify that by saying that Elly believes that those around her hate that she wants time to herself because they're evil and want to destroy her freedom to express herself. Where Lynn shoots herself in the foot is that not one year later, the Pattersons go on the first of their many child-free vacations; worse, it's John's idea that they do so because he sort of feels guilty that Elly feels so down-trodden.

ETA: Now it's nearly Saint Patrick's Day, Lynn again treats us to her vision of daily life in Ireland.