March 14th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 15 March 2010

I have no idea what we're in for today; I'd like to think that Lynn is going to fill the next three weeks with new-ruins so that she can sort of synchronize the straight reprints with the seasons but you just never know with her.

In what might be considered a minor miracle, Lynn returns to that course that Elly pretended to take; as I've said before, there's going to be a pair of obstacles in her path. The first obstacle is an incredibly average little boy who'll do something stupid in an effort to get attention; the second is a yutz husband who overreacts. Never mind that in the original, Elly flakes out because it's too much like work; we have to have a reason for her to own Mike's literary horses.

Panel 1: We start off with an exterior shot of the back porch; Annie tells Elly that she's washed some of Lizzie's things and Elly thanks her for doing so.

Panel 2: As they walk down the hall for a cup of coffee, Elly tells Annie she's wonderful. Annie says that it's no problem for her to sit for Lizzie (who, by the way, appears to have been dipped in a layer of asphalt) so Elly can send her over any time.

Panel 3: As Lizzie stands there waiting to get the tar hosed off before it sets, Annie asks Elly if she's still taking that writing course; Elly answers in the affirmative but says that she hasn't the time to dedicate herself to writing.

Panel 4: Instead of calling shenanigans on that, Annie asks Elly how much time she'd need; Elly replies that she'd need a year in a Spanish villa.

Panel 5: Annie gets all freaked out and asks if she can come with.

Summary: Okay, so maybe I was wrong about John acting like a Neanderthal; it seems to me that we're in for her deciding that since she has to dust the attic so the baby-sitter doesn't see it and do all the clothes every day, she doesn't have time to write.
Snarky Candiru2

Travelogue, Day Six

For some reason, Lynn waited until Sunday of all days to update her blog:

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- Now that Katie and Lane have taken her to the sights she expected to see in the first place, she's far and away happier than she was earlier in the trip.
- This is not to say that she still doesn't make mistakes; however, her warped take on Buddhism is pretty much what one could expect of a slightly sheltered WASP suburbanite.
- Her next oversight is that she seems to not notice the protests that have been rocking the country of late.
- What's more, it's not very likely that she realizes that she's pretty much visiting a theme park version of the real Thailand.
- She seems to have been slightly surprised that the people of Thailand drive on the same side of the road as do the British.
- She can't seem to resist looking down on her fellow guests, making arch remarks about congestion, boasting about the AC or talking about snack food.
- She also reminds us that as a linguist, she tanks; that's because "Sawatdi ka" is Thai for 'Hello'; she should have used the phrase "Laagan" instead.
- About the only thing that I did find surprising were her remarks about cashews; I didn't know that they grew like that either. Wow! Lynn Johnston taught me something interesting! I never saw THAT coming!!