March 13th, 2010

Indignant Candiru

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Now that it's the day of the time change in most jurisdictions, one would expect Lynn to produce a leaden strip about lost time or some such nonsense; if so, we'd probably be disappointed. After all, we haven't been reminded that John is a dick or how unfair it is that Farley pretends that he doesn't understand English in a while.

It's pretty much Column A today as the new-ruin reminds us that John is a bad, bad man because he takes Elly at her word. It matters not that he repeatedly voiced his strong suspicions that she was being less than sincere or that she practically ordered him to do something that she didn't actually want him to, he didn't read her mind and not do it so he's grossbuckets. In short, it's just another day in Foob Paradise.

Panel 1: We start off with Elly, who's getting something from the fridge, watching John talking on the phone in the kitchen; his telling Ted "Sure, Ted; that's great. I'll be there no problem" has piqued her curiosity.

Panel 2: His going on to say that he's got to run things by her first has her confused and mildly angered.

Panel 3: He tells her that Ted just invited him down to the pub to watch the game and asks if she wants to come with.

Panel 4: As she puts the bowl and jar of something or other she got out of the fridge on the table, she declines because they'd have to get a sitter and, well, since no one will sit for their kids, he should know how it is.

Panel 5: She then tells him that since there's no point in both of them staying home, he can go on ahead. Realizing that she probably wants him to phone Ted and tell him that he can't after all make it, he asks if that's what she really wants.

Panel 6: He then asks if she's sure she doesn't mind; her answer of "Of course not" still makes him think that she wants him to stay home.

Panel 7: That's because he flat out says that he'll stay home if she wants him to; she then tells him that she wants him to have a good time.

Panel 8: As he puts on his jacket and asks if she's sure, her declaration that he is sure leaves him guessing a little but not enough to keep him home.

Panel 9: He heads out the door and she waves good-bye.

Panel 10: Doll-boy Mike, having gone into the kitchen to get a glass of water, wonders why a frowning Elly is sitting at the kitchen table with a storm cloud over her head.

Summary: As I said, this is typical Elly; she definitely doesn't want John to have a good time as he would define it but she'd rather not say so out loud and have an open and honest discussion of why team sports and hanging out with the guys bother her. It's better for her to lie, hope John believes her and then fume for days about something she won't tell him about.