March 2nd, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

It seems to me that we're about to see Lithpin' Deanna tell teacher that Mike ith bothering her; this will be followed by Mike grumbling about Mike marrying someone else.

Panel 1: We start out with Mike and Deanna doing arithmetic exercises; he tries to get her attention by poking, nudging and leaning against her. Lynn helpfully reminds us of this by having the words POKE! , NUDGE! and LEANNN! appearing in panel.

Panel 2: It seems to me that Deanna is either reacting to his egg breath or, since he's looking at her paper, trying to cheat; this causes her to yell "MITH CAMPBELL!!! MICHEAL PATTERTHON ITH BOTHERING ME!!!!!"

Panel 3: As she departs, she sticks her tongue out at him as if to say "That'll teach you for trying to copy off of me."

Panel 4: He scowls and thought-bubbles "That's it; I'm definitely going to marry someone else."

Summary: I can think of one person who wish you'd kept that resolve; she lives in Burlington and is described as 'winning all the time' by a naive, sheltered teenager who doesn't know that her brother, older sister and parents are full of manure. In any event, you manage to confuse and bully her into acting against her own best interests anyway; you and your mother will even convince her to run a sewing school that will lose money so as to allow you to be the primary wage earner like the chauvinistic little bastiche you always were and always will be.
Indignant Candiru

Lynn's travelogue returns: Day 1 of Question Mark.

It might interest you to know that Lynn has started blogging again; this time, she talks about her trip to Bangkok:

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- Lynn comments sniffily on the congestion in a third world country without stopping to consider the economic pressures that drive it.
- Second, she, as expected, regards her host country as an exotic backdrop filled with bizarre people whose job it is to be denizens of the Mysterious Orient; her stupid inability to even think of obtaining silly things like a Fodor's or Lonely Planet guide make her look like a chump.
- Third, she's gotta be yanking us with her description of the local sex workers; she can't be that dense, right? Or that heartless that she doesn't know who miserable their lives are. Or that judgmental that she thinks whatever they get, they had coming. Or that unaware that her friends have to suffer the indignity of being flooded with e-mails that ask what kind of frakked-up nitwit says stuff like this.
- Another set of letters will decry her ignorance as regards the Saudi and UAE nationals that she encountered; regarding real people as extras from an Ali Baba movie isn't going to do wonders for her credibility.
- Also, who even calls the People's Republic 'Mainland China' any more?
- Finally, would it kill her to buy a style guide and learn proper punctuation, usage and spelling?