February 25th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 26 February 2010

The interesting thing about the next strip in chronological sequence is that it has Elly screaming at the electric can-opener she worked to death; that's because THAT strip is the first one in the John-buys-the-really-expensive-stereo arc. If it appears, it means that the timeline is going to be a bit jumbled for a bit longer; if not, we might get a couple of stupid and anachronistic new-ruins that don't explain anything and do nothing to advance the plot.

It's a stupid reprint that has John wonder if open and honest communication is somehow a bad thing.

Panel 1: John tells Elly "You know what's good about us? We talk to each other." Insert mocking comment about John's eyes being brown because he's full of shit here.

Panel 2: He continues spreading manure not supported by the evidence by saying that they're open and honest and let their true feelings out.

Panel 3: It's Elly's turn to remind us that she can lie with the best of them by saying that she can't remember the last time they had a real fight.

Panel 4: John turns that into a bad thing by wondering if they lead a dull life.

Summary: First off, they don't really talk to each other as such because they aren't open, honest nor inclined to let anything like their true feelings out; second, there's more than one way to lead a dull life. There's living with the same humdrum arguments, boring misunderstandings and tedious free-floating hostility for thirty years, for instance.