February 20th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Now that it's past Valentine's but not yet Spring, we should probably prepare ourselves for a strip that reminds us that most Canadians really don't much like the winters we have to endure.

Wow; I'm not usually spot on like this. We have John complaining about the weather which leads to Elly delivering a heavy-handed moral about how if that's all he's got to worry about, he's got it pretty good.

Panel 1: We start things with John shoveling the driveway.

Panel 2: He next looks up as it starts snowing a bit more and frowns; I hate it when that happens too so I'll give him this one.

Panel 3: Having gone back inside to wait out the snow, he says "I'm tired of Winter; sometimes, it just seems so long."

Panel 4: He tells Elly that he's okay until Christmas; until Christmas, the snow is pretty, fun and welcome.

Panel 5: AFTER Christmas, though, it's just tiresome, inconvenient and a chore to clean up.

Panel 6: He starts in with a rant about how in a perfect world, it would be Springtime now.

Panel 7: In a perfect world, you see, we'd have a beautiful Autumn, the snow would last the month of December and then the grass would be green again.

Panel 8: Before he starts ranting about how in a perfect world, nobody would know what 'wind chill warnings' and 'freezing rain' are, Elly cuts him off with a quiet "Honey?"

Panel 9: She then asks him if he's heard the news today; he says that he hasn't.

Panel 10: She tells him that since all the two of them have to worry about is the weather, they live in a perfect world.

Summary: The problem, of course, is that we have a woman who cannot appreciate what she has and either blows her stack or freezes up in despair when faced with mundane inconveniences telling someone else to just chill, already; it's as if we had Idi Amin telling Gandhi "You are too intense."