February 13th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 14 February 2010

I hope that since it's Valentine's Day, the new-ruin at least tries to be sentimental and positive.

Well, it does actually try to be positive and is heartwarming....up until the last panel when John and Elly make the Triangle of Horror because neither they or their children are capable of foresight. It should also be noted that Mike and Lizzie are about to get yelled at because their parents are stoooooooopid and useless.

Panel 1: We start out with Doll-Boy Michael taking a piece of white Bristol board from Elly's sewing supply cabinet.

Panel 2: Next, he grabs onto her good scissors.

Panel 3: As Lizzie looks on, he starts to draw something on the paper.

Panel 4: A few minutes later, we see the fruits of his labor: it's a Valentine from him and Lizzie to John and Elly.

Panel 5: The two of them take crayons and draw over the words.

Panel 6: They marvel over the results.

Panel 7: Michael cuts the heart shape out of the paper; since Lynn thinks her readers are cretins, we see the words "Snip, snip, cut, snip, cut" in a dialogue balloon to hang a lampshade on what he's doing.

Panel 8: He gives the home-made Valentine to a delighted John and Elly.

Panel 9: As Farley looks at them and smiles his doggy smile, they make the Triangle of Horror because he didn't pick up the mess and, since Elly doesn't seem to know what safety scissors are, cut a Valentine-heart-shaped hole into the carpet.

Summary: As I said, he's about to get hollered at because his parents are too lazy to supervise him and too dumb to take the simplest precautions. I'm surprised that he didn't end up stabbing himself.