February 8th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Today's strip is a modified version of the "A brush-off. But nice" strip. I have the sick feeling that we're not going to get much more than this as an explanation of anything.

Panel 1: As Phil puts his trumpet in its case, he tells Connie "No kidding! You take off for a holiday and the kid breaks a leg!"

Panel 2: He next tells her that Elly can take care of him for a few days so she can relax, OK? Since she's smiling, she must think that Phil invited her to relax with him or something.

Panel 3: As he walks her to her car, her smile vanishes because, well, he doesn't seem to want to be with her after all. His breezy "Well, it's been great seeing you; can I drop you at your hotel?" (which confirms that supposition) is thus a huge let-down; she went all that way to be treated like a friend he didn't expect to see. Worse still, he seems to not know he's supposed to be in love with her.

Panel 4: We focus on her disappointed face as she thought-bubbles "Nice. A brush-off....but nice." This comment doesn't make any sense now that her cousin has vanished; that's because in the old version, he was simply blowing her off. In the new version, he might be trying to invite himself for a nightcap....or whatever Lynn calls a one-night stand these days.

Summary: I have the sick feeling that THIS will be all the proof Lynn needs that Phil led Connie on. It doesn't matter that Phil has no idea that Connie was in Montreal or why she came and less that she's made him into her first, last and only shot at happiness, it's his fault because he didn't read her mind. There are better reasons to take a shot at him, after all; the good reason I can think of is his blank-witted dismissal of Lawrence's emotional needs. Since Ted actually seemed to care about Lawrence as a person, he's better than Phil right now.