February 2nd, 2010

Angry Candiru

Wednesday, 3 January 2010

If today's strip has Connie get into bed and ask herself if she should follow certain good advice, I have the funny feeling that a lot of people are going to be fairly pissed at her. People like me.

Panel 1: We see Connie sitting in bed, thought-bubbling "My son has a broken leg and Phil may be living with someone." Five bucks says she thinks the latter issue is far more important.

Panel 2: She then thinks "I should forget about Phil, visit with family and go straight home"; cut to Saint John, New Brunswick where an angry man at a computer asks "Why the Hell ain't you on the red-eye for home NOW, idjit??"

Panel 3:
As she puts her glasses on the night-stand, she thinks "Yes, that's certainly good advice"

Panel 4: As she turns out the light so she can go to sleep, she wonders if she'll follow it.

Summary: Ladies and gentlemen, you've just watched Connie turn into a lying sack of crap; her definition of 'home soon' is obviously 'as soon as I find out who THAT GIRL is and make a total fool of myself." It galls me a woman this needy, self-absorbed and self-serving dared call herself a great mother two years ago.