January 27th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 28 January 2010

If Lynn runs the next reprint in sequence, we're going to watch a paramedic's reassuring words fail to console Elly. It might seem sort of nasty but I like it that she feels bad; it shows that she might have a residual shred of empathy for others after all.

Panel 1: As what I originally assumed was a paramedic walks past the crowd of silhouettes to get to Lawrence, Elly tells him to lie still because she thinks they'll be taking him to the hospital. The clunky dialogue is reassuring in a silly sort of way; the lack of a helmet on the little boy is not.

Panel 2: As he picks an injured child up in a manner that (judging from his pained expression) would probably make his leg heal crookedly instead of putting Lawrence on a stretcher, the person I believed to be a paramedic instead of the passer-by with the van he is (who sort of looks like a certain nerdy accountant with a bad 'stache) says "Who'd guess they'd get on a bicycle in this weather? That's kids!" It should be noted that this statement does not do much to console Elly.

Panel 3: Neither does his telling her to her face that it was an accident and that she couldn't have known; it's so poor at consoling her, she tears up.

Panel 4: Since she sort of realizes that she could have prevented this by putting the bikes away for the winter, she thought-bubbles that it's still all her fault.

Summary: It's sort of too bad that she's so gullible; I have the distinct feeling that Connie ends up filling her head with nonsense about how children injure themselves on purpose to make their mother's lives miserable and since Elly regards the crazy bitch as the sister she always wanted, bases her life on the horrible freak's teachings. It's also sort of too bad that she exists to soak up sympathy from more deserving people; you'd think that they'd focus more on making Lawrence feel better and not her.