January 24th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 25 January 2010

One of the nice things about last week is that we didn't have to look at that idiot Connie making an insane, ugly fool of herself; I don't honestly expect that to last, though. What I expect is to see her knock on Phil's door and get a rude shock in the form of Georgia Plott-DeVice.

And I'm right; something else I'm going to be right about is that this will all be Phil's fault for 'leading Connie on'.

Panel 1: As Connie walks up to Phil's apartment, she thought-bubbles "114 Rue De Fèves...This is Phil's apartment! I'm on the street where he lives." (The only problem is that his address is supposed to be 271 Rue de Fèves. Perhaps Army Duck can loan her a Whoops basket to give to the people who live here.)

Panel 2: She stands there for a second as she thought-bubbles "I have to return his pipe but what to do? Just knock on the door? I'll look like an idiot!"

Panel 3: As she KNOCKS on the door, she smiles and thinks to herself that there's nothing like a little surprise.

Panel 4: Unless, of course, that surprise is a girl with dark hair who asks 'Allo?' and might or might not be Georgia. That sort of surprise leads delusional twits who act like they're in middle school to freeze their faces in the Triangle of Horror.

Summary: Why did she have to talk about being stupid? I hate it when they make it THAT easy. First off, being excited because you remember an address and act like meeting a nobody is the Greatest Thrill Ever says something bad about your IQ. Second, her thought-bubble was poorly-punctuated and rotated around the faulty premise that she had to return his pipe; odds are, he'd given it up for lost and bought a new one. Third, and this is the clincher, why did she assume that he's all that into her?