January 17th, 2010

Cynical Candiru

Monday, 18 January 2010

I think at this point we can expect that new-ruin that shows us who Phil's girlfriend is. In the original version, of course, she was simply someone that Connie thought she saw Phil with; in the new order, she's greeted at the door by her. It occurs to me that when this happened to Liz, she at least had the sense to leave immediately so she could curl up into the fetal position back home; Connie spends a week looking like an idiot only to dye her hair to become a better catch.

And I'm wrong; it's a new-ruin that has Elly going nuts because she thinks that being a SAHM is obsolete. Suffice to say that it's an inadequate replacement for this classic strip. The reason for its alteration is that Connie is on her way to Montreal in search of salty mustaches.

Panel 1: We find ourselves at the Nichols house as Annie puts her son in his crib; as she does so, she reminds us of our situation by telling Elly "So, you have another houseguest."
Elly tells her that Lawrence is no trouble and that Connie will only be gone a few days anyway,

Panel 2: She goes on to say that since they'll be in school most of those days, she'll be able to get a lot of housework done without too much interruption.

Panel 3: She then sighs and wishes she could get excited about vacuuming; aside from doing windows, it's the chore she hates the most.

Panel 4: As she sits down at the kitchen table, she says that in her next life, she's coming back as a man (because we men don't do housework, you see); Annie's silhouette says "Not me."

Panel 5: As Anne hands Elly a coffee, she grouses that with her luck, she'd come back as a janitor. Elly laughs a sticky-out tongued laugh at that.

Summary: The reason that it's an inadequate replacement for the original is that, while the general mood is the same, the Elly of the new-ruin era seems to be less resentful of housework that the real Elly. Lynn seems to have forgotten how bitterly Elly hated housework back then and how bad she was at it.